Thursday, July 2, 2015

Look at these Pillowcases!!!

Hello Quilters!
Look at what the members of the Lakeside Quilters did this week!!

That's 33 finished pillowcases for the children undergoing cancer treatment in London, Ontario.
The majority of the donated pillowcases were made from the fabric stash of a long time member's stash. Sadly, Anne passed away recently but we know she would be pleased with how the group used  her fabrics.

My friend Marg tells me that the Zurich Quilters have moved on to other charity projects but the Material Girls of Grand Bend have taken up the cause.  I'll be delivering the pillowcases to Marg as soon as we can come up with a date that suits the two of us.

Thank you so much!!!

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  1. Thank You all so very much! Just incredible! I'm thrilled...i can't wait to let our warrior" Brandon" know what we are up to.i just know the children will be sooo very excited! Thanks again...Marg.