Friday, September 11, 2015

Janet Bolton and Julie Arkell Workshops

Hello Quilters!
I had the pleasure of taking two workshops this week at Stitch in Jordan, Ontario.  Myself and two friends attended a two day workshop with Janet Bolton and a one day workshop with Julie Arkell.
Both were absolutely wonderful experiences.  Such talented and delightful teachers!
Janet and Julie are from London, England brought in by Jocelyn at Stitch to teach for the week.

Janet Bolton has a new book out that can be ordered through Amazon or purchased at Stitch and other quilt shops.


Janet Bolton is a world-renowned textile artist from London, England. Working with fabric, needle & thread, simple hand-stitching techniques and a gifted imagination, Janet composes beautiful textile pictures. Each of her two day workshops will be filled with demonstrations, stories, examples of her work, creative guidance and fun as you begin to stitch together your own Janet Bolton inspired folk art.

Janet's work looks so simple but I have to say that I struggled to get my ideas to "simplify".  Most of my quilts are very detailed and it was hard to let go of the realistic interpretation approach to my quilts in her workshop.  I'm not thrilled with the piece that I produced but I have to say, I learned a great deal and enjoyed every minute.  This is something that I would like to experiment with a little more in the quiet of my own studio to find some middle ground between what Janet does and what I lean toward in my own work.
This piece is far from finished but you get the idea.  I just couldn't work in the washed-out fabrics that Janet does.....

Thursday saw us in Julie Arkell's workshop to dress one of her doll creatures.  I was certainly at a disadvantage because I really don't knit.  Julie's work has the sweetest hats and other knitted accessories!


Julie Arkell is one of the UK’s best-recognized contemporary folk artists working in papier-maché and mixed media. Her hand-made creatures are lovingly dressed in vintage fabric, knit or crocheted garments, and bits of found items giving each their own unique whimsical personality. Included in the price of the one-day workshop is your own little naked creature, made by Julie. With her help and guidance you will spend the day knitting, sewing and embroidering garments based on her patterns and will take home a one of a kind little friend who, we’re sure, will make you smile every day.
Here is Julie with the dolls we made in the workshop.

My creature from the workshop.
Heaven knows when those two ladies will be back to teach again in Canada but if you get the opportunity, you would be wise to take those workshops.

Jocelyn and her staff at Stitch did a marvellous job of keeping everyone happy.  Stitch is a beautiful shop with exquisite yarns and fabrics in the most beautifully decorated shop I have been to.  I could have taken anything in the shop home and been thrilled.  You won't find any "cute" fabric there.........such a nice change!!!!

I'll be teaching Colour Studies tomorrow in Tillsonburg.  

Next Saturday, September 19th I will be presenting two lectures at QuiltX in St. Mary's.  I hope to see some of you there.  The lectures are at 11:00 and 2:00.  The topics are Colour Harmony and my Trunk Show.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to Work!

Hello Quilters!
Well.......wasn't that a lovely summer?
Hubby and I really took advantage of the summer attending our nephews wedding in July, going to Toronto to catch a play, attending plays at the Huron Country Playhouse, etc. etc.  We made full use of those warm, sunny days.
I hope you all had some family time as well as some sunshine.

One of our favourite activities this summer was "Mini on the Mack".  As the proud owner of a brand new Mini Cooper, I was reading the website and saw that the Guiness World Record for the most Minis to cross a bridge was being attempted on the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.  "Why not?"
We had a great time chatting with other Mini owners and driving over the bridge with over 1300 other Minis.  T-shirts, window stickers etc. etc. were given out at registration and lunch was provided once the attempt had been made.  Unfortunately, we didn't break the record of 1450 cars set by the Brits.  We had 1319 but we are going to try again in 2017!

Been the T-shirt!

Over 1300 Minis waiting to start the crossing over the bridge.
This next quilt is the neutral Log Cabin I was working on last winter in it's new home.  The colouring worked perfectly with the decor.  Don't you just love it when that happens???

The queen size Bear Paw quilt is now done too.  I'm very pleased with this one but I have to admit that I really like red quilts.  I'll be teaching this class at Kalidoscope of Quilts in Exeter, ON on October 24th if you are interested.  There are very few spots left but give them a call if you want more information.

Quilt X will be in St. Mary's, Ontario September 18th and 19th at the Pyramid Recreation Centre.
I will be presenting two lectures on Saturday, September 19th.  Please come and say "hello" if you are in the audience! (And cheer loudly!)

Hubby and I were able to take some time to visit our son who lives in northern Alberta.  It was so good to see him and spend time with him in his new home.  He's so very far away though......... being a Mom never stops, does it?  We had a great time getting to know the area.  It's so beautiful and unspoiled there!
Northern Alberta drive.
I have spent the last few days getting ready for the Teaching Season.  Here are a few of the workshops I'll be presenting that are open for registration.  I will be teaching at several guilds this Fall but the workshops are usually open only to members.  Come and participate if you can.

September 12 - Cherished Pieces, Tillsonburg - Colour Studies for Stash Quilters
September 19 - Quilt X, St. Mary's - Colour Harmony and Trunk Show Lectures
October 17 - Kalidoscope of Quilts, Exeter, ON - Colour for Quilters
October 24 - Kalidoscope of Quilts, Exeter, ON - Bear Paw Quilt
November 7 - Kalidoscope of Quilts, Exeter, ON - Metro Medallions Quilt
November 14 - Kalidoscope of Quilts, Exeter, ON - No Fail Binding (a.m.) & Rotary Cutting (p.m.)