Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Help Me Out Here!

Hello Quilters!
I'm just in the process of constructing the mystery blocks from Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery that I mentioned in my last post but I'm not sure that I like the original colour scheme.  Bonnie certainly knows what she's doing and these were the colours that she suggested but I think it's a little too strong for me.  So..... I'm asking you to look at the three options and see if you have a preference.

Above is the original colour scheme.  This is not the finished layout.  The finished quilt will be on point with pieced setting blocks but you can see how the colours are working with the two blocks in the design area.  Do you see where the gold centres appear too large?  This happens with yellow as it's the first colour that your eye will read and therefore yellow takes up more visual space than physical space.  This is Option #1.

Here I've covered up the gold centres with various values of green and blue.   It calms down the overall appearance of the quilt and brings out the diagonals but I'm still not sure.  This is Option #2.

In this one, I've left the gold centres in the star blocks and put the greens and blues in the red centres.  
This is option #3.

I have been playing with this so long that I think I've lost all perspective so I'd appreciate your input here.  Thanks!


  1. Totally love #2. It makes the greys stand out more and grey always has a nice contrast with yellow. Those two are also paler than the reds/greens/blues which balance each other so it's balanced that way. This makes sense in my head even if I've explained it poorly.

    Good luck!

  2. I think # 2 also....couldn't decide between 2-3 but #2 it is!

  3. Definitely not #3 because it leaves out red and red is awesome! I like #1 but agree with you about the yellow. Will there be borders? If so, that may help by diminishing the percentage of the yellow. What colour are the setting blocks? What would happen if you tea-dye the small yellow squares in the 4-patch units? What about using lighter values of green & blue in #2? I think I like #1. (But I'll still be you friend if you don't choose #1!)